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Office and Storage Rental


2000m2 installed and not installed office space – as needed client


Storage space

7000m2 equipped and not equipped warehouse space – as needed by the client



Physical security and video surveillance covers the entire business center


Rental of storage and office space in Niš

Storage, or warehouse, is a commercial building that serves to store goods. Warehouses are used by manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, transport companies, customs, etc. They are usually large, simple buildings in industrial zones on the outskirts of towns or villages. The warehouses enable the optimization of transport in the supply chain and enable companies to work with the optimal amount of goods (amount of economic order) in terms of service quality.

Pallet raff

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It means stacking pallets on which goods are found, on raffs and shelves in horizontal rows on multiple levels. For transporting and stacking pallets, forklifts suitable for movement in the warehouse are used.

Console raffs

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Use the so-called. hands instead of a pallet for storing long thin items such as boulders and rods.


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Which adds a temporary or permanent intermediate to a warehouse for the storage of goods.

Vertical lift

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Modules are part of a system that vertically sort goods on both sides. They consist of several systems managed by a computer and are automated in sorting, stacking and returning goods from raffs.

Video surveillance

The entire GICA office space is provided with 24 / h video surveillance.

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